laser range finder 600m,easy to use

 laser range finder 600m,easy to use

Model No.︰CQLFR-600

Brand Name︰OUTLOOK

Country of Origin︰China

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Advantages︰ Laser range finder CQLFR-600 perfectly combines the features of telescopes and range finders. It can measure the distance of objects within a certain range. It is fast and has a direct display. It is also energy-saving.
This range finder has low radiation rate. It is harmless to human eyes. It is small-size and light-weight. It is powered by a 3V battery that can be easily replaced whenever needed. This range finder works even on rainy days. All you have to do is switch to rain mode. When under >150 mode, it can eliminate the interruption of nearby objects such as trees and electric wires. Range finders of this model is widely used in golfing, shooting,field trips and on construction sites. It can also be used in topographic survey and stocking measurement.

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