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Night Vision Binoculars PVS 31  


Profesional Night Scope Night Vision Binoculars PVS 31 


YJ-PVS31 night vision binocular is a small, lightweight binocular that is flexible to use. Compared with other types of low-light level night vision equipment, this night vision binocular is simple to use, clear imaging, suitable for equipped with individual tactical helmets for target observation, night detection, and accurate judgment of enemy target action at night.

YJ-PVS31 night vision binocular adopts the latest low-light image intensifier technology in China, which has the advantages of compact structure, long target recognition range, relatively low power consumption, and can work for a long time. It can be used with a tactical helmet or handheld,

The telescopic tube of this night vision binocular can be independently flipped up and down 140 degrees, enabling quick switching of combat modes in different environmental conditions.

Product Information


 PVS-31 low light level night vision binocular 


Model: YJ-PVS-31\YJ-PVS-315

Multiple: Variable objective multiple

Body: All aluminum alloy body, rubber wrap

Weight: ≤490\≤560g

Size: 112x105x86 (mm)




Product features

1. Light weight, small size.
2. IP65 waterproof standard (IP67 optional)
3. The tube can be automatically closed when it is turned up and down, saving power when not in use.
4. Built-in infrared auxiliary light.
5. The power switch provides three modes, such as OFF, ON, and AUTO.
6. With strong light protection.
7. The battery pack can be connected.
8. Auto-gate control is optional​.

Imaging effect reference







YJPVS31 uses two high-performance low-light image intensifiers, which can provide users with a relatively clear picture in dark environments. The picture on the left shows the night vision effect using 2+ image intensifiers. It is taken with a mobile phone, so the actual effect of the product is affected. The actual observation effect is better.


Under general dark night conditions:

Detection distance: 800-1500 meters

Identification distance: within 800 meters







 Product Display


Technical specifications:




Structural mode

Flip up design

rollover detection

Automatically detect and power off when flip up

Battery type

Lithium battery (cr123x1) / cr123x4 external battery pack

Power supply



Head mounted(standard Universal helmet interface)

control mode


Power consumption

<0. 15W

Battery life





40  ±2




Gen2+/3 P43/P45

Lens system

F1.2 / 25mm



Optical distortion

3% Max


Multi-layer broadband coating

Focal Range


Eye relief



-4 - +2SD

EPD adjustment range


IP Rating



112 x 105 x 86mm


490G(battery included)

Operating Temp

-40 - +50℃

Customers of OUTLOOK


Yunnan Yuaniin Optical Co., Ltd, was established in 2009 by an optical instrument manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. We sell binoculars, monoculars, night vision, spotting scopes, range finders, microscopes, coin and non coin telescope and related products. 



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